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You are a poisonous lullaby, honey infected with plague.

Your hands that hold me conceal razor blades.

You rock me gently, smother me sweetly

Demand that I carry your condemnation.

Your silence is venomous, your words toxic

And when I kiss you, you only see Judas.

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Poem after repeated failure

I’m trying to work up the courage to post some of the bits of fiction that I experiment with.  I think the  most I’m ready for is a poem, so I’ll start without something short I wrote in 2009:

I’ve been thinking a lot

About grains of sand

About concentric circles

And self made plans

About sea shells

And the curve of my ear

About me being tired

And you being near

About despair and drinking until I die

About the blood in my veins

And the traitor inside

I’ve been thinking a lot

About the end of days

About arriving at your throne

With nothing but grace

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