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I’m back!

I took a hiatus from blogging for a while to focus on passing the translation exam.  I’m back with good news… I passed!  And… I’m pregnant!  And … she’s a girl!

I’m due in late July, which means that according to how doctors reckon things, I’m about 6 and half months pregnant.   (The way doctors calculate pregnancy, you can be pregnant for 10 months.  That’s a whole post unto itself for another day.)

I think it’s too overwhelming to try to write retroactively about everything that has happened since I stopped blogging last summer, so I’m just going to tackle topics that interest me as I have time.  Right now that looks like this:

-Pregnancy (everyone lied to me about what this was going to be like)

-Researching bilingualism, child language acquisition, and biliteracy

-Peruvian festivals

-Immigration reform

Stay tuned…


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I’ll be turning 26 soon, which has led me to reflect on what I’ve learned this year.  Here are some of the lessons that stand out to me, in no particular order:

-Miracles do happen.  My husband’s green card was a miracle.

-Pain fades over time.  So does anger.

-People die.  Make sure you’ve said everything you need to.

-Take a risk.  Share with people something personal you’ve written.

-If someone you know can treat certain people in their life well (their client, a friend) – they can treat you well.  They are just choosing not to.

-The later you stay at work, the more stupid mistakes you will make.

-Counseling only works over the long haul.  Go back again next week.

-There is still no crying at work.

-Sometimes the most powerful thing anyone can say to you is, ‘That was not your fault.’  Be that person for someone else.

-There are values more important than honesty, like loyalty.


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